The Millennium.

 The APQS Millennium, 2012.
 The main workhorse in the Heritage Keepsakes stable, is my APQS Millennium. Affectionately also known as 'Pearl', due to her pearly like paint job, this machine is the powerhouse machine of my entire collection. Capable of stitching up to 3500 stitches per minute, means a reduction in time that a quilt needs to be on the frame.

Table size for these machines vary between 10, 12 and 14 feet. For my machine it's 14 feet. Plenty of room to quilt up to a large king size quilt.

Throat size is an impressive 26" x 10 1/2". This means the machine head has plenty of room in the quilting field for large designs, therefore eliminating the need to have to roll the quilt as often as I needed to on my older set up.
And lastly, considering this machine has very impressive features besides the few I've mentioned here, it runs on the same household power usage that my domestic sewing machine does. Which in Australia, is 240 volts.


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